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Redefining Pet Health: One Conversation at a Time.

Why Choose Questionable Medicine? For the Thoughtful, In-depth Care Your Pet Deserves.

We don't profit from lab work, medications, or medical procedures. Our true value lies in our wealth of knowledge, the experience we offer, and the time we can provide you and your pet. At Questionable Medicine, our expertise is dedicated to providing you, the pet owner, with all the information and guidance you need for the optimal care of your beloved animal.

Our Answers to Your Questions

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Veterinarian with her Pet in the Office

In medicine, as in life, a fresh perspective can illuminate the unseen, turning challenges into opportunities and uncertainties into hope.

Our Services

Veterinarian returning emails to a client about their pet.

A Full Record Review

Taking the Time to Answer Your Questions

At 'Questionable Medicine', we believe every pet deserves undivided attention and detailed care. In today's fast-paced world, the luxury of time can be elusive. That's why we're offering dedicated online consultations with seasoned veterinarians who will meticulously review your pet's medical history and address your concerns. With us, you're not just another appointment. You're a valued pet parent seeking clarity and guidance, and we're here to provide comprehensive insights and recommendations. Let's navigate your pet's health journey together, with the time and consideration they truly deserve.

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