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Why "Questionable Medicine"? Understanding Our Name

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

A puzzled looking dog.

The name "Questionable Medicine" might raise a few eyebrows initially; however, the essence behind it is rooted in a profound belief that lies at the core of our mission.

In the vast realm of medicine, especially when it comes to our beloved pets, questions arise. These questions, which often emerge from genuine concern, curiosity, or the quest for clarity, deserve time, attention, and in-depth answers. But the term "questionable" extends beyond just the act of posing questions.

We believe that medicine, like all sciences, is not above scrutiny or questioning. By encouraging pet owners to seek second opinions, engage in comprehensive discussions, and truly understand their available options, we promote a collaborative approach to pet care. This approach not only ensures the well-being of the pet but also respects the unique goals, concerns, and circumstances of every pet owner.

"Questionable Medicine" stands as a testament to our commitment to transparency, education, and the collaborative spirit in veterinary care. It's a call to always seek understanding, to challenge the norms when needed, and to ensure that every decision made is well-informed and in the best interest of our furry companions.

By embracing the questions, we find the best answers.

Addressing a Real Need.

A cartoon of a veterinarian having a discussion with a dog.

In today's rapidly evolving veterinary environment, the invaluable moments dedicated to comprehensive discussions can sometimes be overshadowed by the increasing demands of efficient case management. This dynamic often leaves pet owners with unanswered questions and the daunting task of making significant decisions without a full understanding of the situation.

This is where Questionable Medicine comes in. Our unwavering mission centers on the well-being of your pet. We are committed to giving each consultation our undivided attention, ensuring every question is answered, every condition explained, and every concern alleviated. Our approach is rooted in years of hands-on experience, consensus guidelines, and the standard of care in veterinary medicine.

While our primary focus is to guide pet owners toward the ideal standard of care, we understand that personal beliefs and sometimes financial constraints can make certain diagnostics and treatments untenable. As such, we are more than happy to discuss and explore alternative solutions, ensuring that both the health needs of your pet and personal concerns are addressed with sensitivity and understanding. In many cases, there is more than one way to accomplish a similar outcome. It is just important that everyone understands the benefits and the risks involved with getting "creative" when needed and when possible. All of this stated, it is also our job to be honest when a viable alternative that will lead to a successful outcome does not exist and to take the time to answer the question, "Why?"

Ultimately, our dedication lies in putting the welfare of your pet and your peace of mind at the forefront of our consultations. We aim to foster an environment where decisions are driven by the genuine health needs of your beloved animals and the informed choices of their owners, rather than solely by industry pressures or metrics. This approach allows us to provide personalized, in-depth, and transparent care without compromise.

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